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The newborn photo session is a particularly special one.

Typically, it is done within the first 15 days of a baby's life

because the baby is still in the fetal position and sleeps deeply,

making the session easier without disturbing the baby's schedule.

However, if those first 15 days have passed, it's not a problem,

the session can be done at any time, but it may take longer

and the baby may be more awake.

The session takes place in the comfort of your own home

because that is where you will feel the most secure, comfortable, and relaxed.

Your home is where your essence is and the objects and spaces

that are a crucial part of your memories.

I prefer to capture real moments, and many of them occur at home.

Before the photo session, we will meet so you can tell me

about your story and the unique details that make you special.

This information will help me create a personalized and perfect session for you.

Book your pre-session, HERE

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