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Since my childhood I´ve been surrounded and inspired by artists of different disciplines.  Painting, photography, music, acting… have been my life partner.My  first contact with the photography was at the age of 18.  I studied in  Art´s school when taking a picture was a beautiful ritual;  since the very beginning when buying the roll film,  until the magical developing process of submerging the paper into liquids and discovering the very expected picture.With this new project, my objective is to bring  my experience of creating images and feelings together, with the purpose of  making your memories last forever. I am  a true lover of life, love, family, human relationships, emotions, feelings, smiles and unrepeatable moments . These passions are reflected in  a  natural style of photography, focused on the family and  lifestyle.My way to work:The most important thing for me is to capture your essence. Because I want your moments, not your poses, firstly I like to meet with you to know about the little things that make you or your family special.

This is  MEyouWE.  

ME finding  YOU and creating WE.




Noelia Serrano

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Kind Words

"It has been a pleasure to share that time with you. A great professional with a wonderful result. Very sensitive. We are delighted"

Jaione A. (Pamplona- Spain)


"We had a family photography session in the spring of 2017, in the lovely setting of Suzhou old style houses, bridges and canals.  The session was very well planned and executed, big thanks to Noelia, the artist who then prepared the photographs with further professional software. I liked many pictures, the angles, the shades, the cleverly chosen backgrounds. Many photos are now on our walls and their prints at our relatives homes too. I  wish Noelia the best in her artist work, hope she gives people more lovely images of them!"

Elena Z. (Suzhou- China)

"Noelia was a joy to work with! Her easygoing personality made us feel at ease in front of the camera. So many frame-worthy photos to choose from! We will cherish these photos for years to come. "

Alex B. (Suzhou- China)