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All my life, I have been surrounded by and inspired by artists

from various disciplines, including painting, photography, music, and acting.

My first experience with photography was in art school at the age of 18,

when taking a photo was a beautiful process,

from loading the film to the camera

to developing the images in the darkroom.

After studying acting, I moved to Madrid,

where I worked as an actress and photography model,

and even started a theater company.

However, when I met the love of my life,

I decided to follow him to China, where we started a family

and I continued to pursue my passion for photography.

As a family photographer with over 6 years of experience,

I bring my diverse life experiences to my photography sessions,

combining my skills in creating images, emotions,

and my experience as a mother to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

My style of photography is natural, focusing on family and lifestyle,

and capturing real moments and emotions rather than staged poses.

I am passionate about life, love, family, human relationships,

emotions, smiles, unique moments...

and these passions are reflected in my work.

My goal is for you to have a relaxed and enjoyable experience

during your photography session, where you can be yourself

and I can capture your essence and truth.

I don't want you to pose,

I want to capture your true self,

I want to capture those real and genuine moments,

I want you to truly live and enjoy your session,

Just be yourself.

Noelia Serrano.


Noelia Serrano

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Kind Words

"It has been a pleasure to share that time with you. A great professional with a wonderful result. Very sensitive. We are delighted"

Jaione A. (Pamplona- Spain)


"We had a family photography session in the spring, in the lovely setting of Suzhou old style houses, bridges and canals.  The session was very well planned and executed, big thanks to Noelia, the artist who then prepared the photographs with further professional software. I liked many pictures, the angles, the shades, the cleverly chosen backgrounds. Many photos are now on our walls and their prints at our relatives homes too. I  wish Noelia the best in her artist work, hope she gives people more lovely images of them!"

Elena Z. (Suzhou- China)

"Noelia was a joy to work with! Her easygoing personality made us feel at ease in front of the camera. So many frame-worthy photos to choose from! We will cherish these photos for years to come. "

Alex B. (Suzhou- China)

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