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First hours

The first hours photo session is for families

who want to capture the earliest moments of their baby's life from birth.

It is a precious and delicate time for both

the mother post-partum and the new baby,

so I keep the session brief and interfere as little as possible

with the utmost respect.

The session is completely natural and unscripted,

with the baby as the main focus.

I will capture the baby's unique details,

such as their hands, feet, nose, and hair,

as well as special and unforgettable moments

like their first yawns, smiles, and diaper changes,

and of course, the first moments with mom, dad, and siblings...

The session takes place in the hospital where the baby was born

within the first 24 to 48 hours of life,

in the morning when there is more natural light.

This is a truly special photo session that will preserve

the memory of the moment your baby entered the world.

Book your pre-session, HERE

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